Enjoying Italian Pizza in Roma at Forno Campo De’ Fiori by Rika Huang


Forno Campo De' Fiori

It was in early December 2010, I stayed at this cute little loft off Via Dei Greci in the heart of Roma for about a week and it was my first time to see Roma. In the U.S, you will see loads of pizza topped with hunks of heavy cheese, but in Italy, depending on the regions, they use freshly grown produce and simple ingredients in their cuisine, like their yummy tomato sauce.


Italian Pizza Palour

About 25 minutes walk from my flat, there’s a colourful marketplace at this historic square near Piazza Navona called the Campo De’ Fiori . Toward the end of the marketplace off Vicolo del Gallo, there’s a bakery, “Campo De’ Fiori ” that offers traditional Italian bread, pizza and specialities.

Campo De Fiori

Pizza Bread

Yummy Pizza


Italian Flatbread

Vegan Pizza

I tried two different types of pizza: Pizza Bianca (Olive oil with sea salt) and Pizza Rosa (tomato sauce), they are both vegan, made perfectly well and baked fresh (usually between 9 to 11am). They charge by the weight or size, i.e., €3-4 for a large slice. I love how pizzas can be made vegan without any cheese like the American pizza usually do, or maybe I don’t really need vegan cheese on these traditional Italian pizza at all. They can be made plain and simple with the best ingredients such as tomato sauce or delicious olive oil. My favorite was the pizza bianca; it has something to do with this lovely Italian olive oil that made this pizza taste wonderful.

Vegan Pizza

Website for Campo De’ Fiori : http://www.fornocampodefiori.com/main.php

Italian Vegan Pizza

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  • Mialamousi

    I love Rome, i have been there a couple of times and it’s the most beautiful place, I Love their fresh food markets. I will have to visit this little bakery when I go back. Lovely pictures and post.

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    Thank you! X