Himalayan Salt & Lavender Bath Treat


My back has been acting up recently, which I blame on being too connected to my laptop. I’m sure i’m not the only one with this concern, it can be pretty frustrating because we all have to work and if you run a blog along with an office job then you’re probably spending more than 70% or more of your time in front of some technology.

Whilst i’m obsessively working on reducing this time, I also need a remedy that helps my back muscles relax. So along with my Pilates for back pain sessions I’ve created these oh so simple no nonsense bath salts that I pour into a hot relaxing bath for those once in a blue moon long soaking bath times.

All you need is:

1 cup Himalayan Pink Salts (In the purest form, I get mine from Planet Organic)

a few drops of Lavender oil or any essential oil you like

1 table spoon of sweet almond oil

Mix together, the consistency shouldn’t be too oily or too dry. Use these in your bath and feel instantly relaxed. Dissolve about a handful and a half in the water, these salts will relieve stress in the muscles and regulate sleep as well





  • jared

    Love your site. I just stumbled across it. I think we have a thing or two in common. Not least (and don’t tell anyone), I love those Himalayan bath salts. Nothing clears off a day of London stress like they do!