Chocolate Truffles and apple cookies

‘Apple Cookies’ & Chocolate Truffles

I eat some sort of fresh fruit everyday but apples are my daily staple, sometimes I rub a little salt and chili powder onto Granny Smiths and other times I have them with peanut butter or hummus. Last week I was on the phone to a friend and weirdly enough she says “I’m eating apples […]

Dairy Free Coffee Ice Cream shake

Dairy Free Coffee Ice Cream Shake

I am not a big drinker of coffee, I have an addictive tea habit but I love the smell of freshly brewed strong coffee, weird? Tell me it’s not just me! I can’t take coffee on its own but I came up with a concoction that just about makes it as addictive but it is […]

Eco Gift Papers

I love the idea of turning gifts into personalised pieces of art. There are so many ways to make someone’s birthday, wedding, celebrations special but nothing more  I find than presenting them with something truly original and which looks like some thought has gone into it, I think it makes it that more special don’t […]

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